About Us

M E S stands for Mechanical Electrical Supplies

MES Products was started by members in the electrical industry. The members saw the need for domestic electrical products to be introduced into the market at affordable prices to all concerned. The design of the MES range of products was done in house by gathering information from the trade itself and the members who had hands on experience in the electrical trade.


MES Products is a SABS Award Winning Product that has set new trends in the Electrical Industry, and one of the fastest moving products in South Africa.

The MES Range does not infringe any other RSA Registered Designs and is SABS compliant and has all the necessary Certification.

The MES Range covers the domestic trade, which includes the DZ47 Din Range of Circuit Breakers, Earth Leakage Units, Domestic Switch Sockets and Switches and Distribution Boards.



  1. The Distribution board Range:
    – The Metal Tray of the Flush board was designed sturdier in order for it to keep it shape under pressure (brick or plastering).
    – The Metal Tray has 4 studs to accommodate easy access of the circuit breaker cradle, gives ample play for leveling adjustment and also prevents cradle from rocking.
    – The DB Cover Plate is 50mm wider than the tray to further allow for leveling adjustment.
  2. The Din Rail MCB Range
    – Comes in a full Range from 2 to 100amp in 3ka or 6ka 1P, 2P, 3P and SP+N.
    – MCB accessories consist of Timers, Isolators, Surge Arrestors, KWH Meters, LCR , ELU and DB Blanks, Neutral / Earth Bars,  Busbars and Adaptor Clips to accommodate the din rail range to fit other rails.
  3. Our Butterfly Range of Switches and Socket Outlets
    – Available in White, Silver and Black
    – Switches are rated at 16amp 250vac with modern toggle concave design for easy switching.
    – Cover plates are easily removable to allow the ease of painting around the switch
    – The Butterfly Range has accessories consisting of TV, telephone, Satellite, Data, 2way, Isolating, Indicator, Dim on/off, Bell,
    Intermediate, and Blank Modules.
    – The terminals are designed left or right so that you do not have to struggle with access to the screw terminals
    – Our Sockets are designed so that the terminals at the back are all facing one direction.
    – The Isolators come with a pilot light so that you can see whether they are on or off.


We do not sell directly to the electrical contractor, but will gladly market our product by handing out catalogues and samples to electrical contractors whom will judge for themselves that the quality of the products are in a class of its own. Now all Electrical Wholesalers, Contractors and Developers can have a quality product at an affordable price.


Our promise of Loyalty to customers:

MES Products understands the importance of customer satisfaction, technical support and growth, which is why we strive for excellence in all these principles, to accommodate you, the wholesaler in the best possible way. MES stands behind its motto if its faulty we will replace it that is how sure we are that our products are quality.